Blacks in Performance Marketing

Unpacking Insights from the
"Let's Continue the Conversation" Survey

In the world of performance marketing, fostering diversity, equity, inclusion, and accessibility (DEI&A) is an ongoing journey. Our recent September Monthly Meeting for Blacks in Performance Marketing delved into these crucial topics through the lens of the “Let’s Continue the Conversation” survey. This survey offered participants the opportunity to share their perspectives on various aspects of DEI&A within their organizations. In this article, we will explore key findings from the survey and discuss their significance for our community.

Who Benefits the Most from DEI&A Initiatives

The “Let’s Continue the Conversation” survey provided valuable insights into who is perceived to benefit the most from DEI&A initiatives within our industry. According to the survey, 44% of respondents believed that “Women” have been the primary beneficiaries, while 16% pointed to “Underrepresented groups” and 36% indicated “All Employees”.This suggests a recognition of the positive impact of DEI&A initiatives on women and all employees, emphasizing the need for continued efforts to support these groups. However, it’s essential to address an important aspect revealed by the survey: disabled people received 0% of the responses as those who have benefited the most. This underscores an area of diversity that still needs attention and suggests an opportunity for organizations to focus on improving accessibility and inclusivity for disabled individuals within the performance marketing field.

Assessing Organizational Change

When assessing whether enough change has occurred within their respective organizations, respondents had varying perspectives. Approximately 46.15% expressed the view that not enough change has taken place, while 15.38% believed that their organizations had made sufficient progress. A significant portion, 38.46%, remained unsure, indicating the complexity of evaluating the effectiveness of DEI&A initiatives at the organizational level.


Evaluating DEI&A Impact

The survey explored diverse viewpoints on assessing the effectiveness of (DEI&A) efforts. Participants emphasized the importance of feedback, reflection, pay and hiring equality, talking to those impacted, data surveys, clear objectives, open dialogues, lasting cultural change, establishing a clear path, and collaboration. These multifaceted perspectives highlight the complexity of evaluating DEI&A effectiveness, reinforcing the need for ongoing dialogue and strategic refinement in our journey toward a more inclusive and equitable performance marketing industry.

Leadership’s Perspective on DEI&A

The survey also explored how top decision-makers within organizations perceive DEI&A. The results revealed that 40% of respondents believed that these decision-makers view DEI&A as an issue they must address for public perception. In contrast, 28% felt that top decision-makers genuinely prioritize these issues. An additional 32% remained unsure, highlighting the need for transparent communication and commitment to DEI&A at the leadership level.


Understanding Equality Wearyness

Understanding why some individuals may become ‘weary’ of hearing about equality is crucial for effective communication and engagement. The survey found that 60% of respondents believed that some people are weary due to misconceptions about equality. This underscores the importance of education and dispelling myths surrounding DEI&A. Additionally, 24% suggested that people may be weary of hearing about equality because they don’t believe it affects them, highlighting the need for inclusive messaging that demonstrates the relevance of these issues to all.In conclusion, the “Let’s Continue the Conversation” survey has provided valuable insights into the perceptions and challenges surrounding DEI&A in performance marketing. It underscores the importance of ongoing efforts to support women, all employees, and particularly highlights the need for increased attention to disabled individuals as a part of diversity and inclusion efforts. The survey also acknowledges the complexity of change within organizations and the importance of clear communication and education to combat weariness and misconceptions about equality.

Watch the Discussion

If you missed our September Monthly Meeting or want to revisit the discussion surrounding the survey, the recording is available on our YouTube channel. Join us in continuing the dialogue and advancing the cause of DEI&A in performance marketing. Watch it here

Together, as a community, we can work towards a more inclusive, equitable, and informed future for all in performance marketing.