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BiPM is dedicated to collaborating with conference organizers to offer students the chance to attend events for free, providing them with exposure to the performance marketing industry and invaluable networking opportunities. Join us for Lead Generation World 2025!

Discover the World of
Performance Marketing

Swipe, Tap, Succeed: Enter a Powerful and Dynamic Realm

Ever wondered how your social media feed seems tailor-made for your interests? That’s performance marketing at work, delivering personalized content just for you.

From scrolling through your favorite social media platforms like Instagram and TikTok to searching for products online, performance marketing influences the content you see and the products you buy.

Whether you’re considering a future in marketing or just curious about the field, come dive into the realm of TARGETED ADS, INFLUENCER PARTNERSHIPS AND VIRAL CAMPAIGNS that dominate social media platforms and capture our attention every day. This is your chance to explore the exciting world of performance marketing firsthand.

Join Us for FREE at the Lead Generation World 2025 Conference

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    05 Jan

    Lead Generation World 2025 Conference

    • 8:00 am
    • Hollywood, FL

    Transportation will be provided from a convenient common area near you.

    Dive into an immersive experience like no other at Lead Generation World. LGW offers an immersive and enriching experience to connect with industry experts, discover new ideas, and unleash your potential.

    LGW welcomes you to join the conversation and be part of something extraordinary!

    I Would Like to Attend an Event with BiPM